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American Standard Heat Pump

Durable, efficient, and affordable, American Standard Heat Pumps are perfect for your home and your budget. Heat Pumps are perfect for both heating and cooling your home as they heat your home in the summer and keep it cool in the winter.

Using just a small amount of electricity, the heat pump uses the ambient temperature of the air around your home to keep it warm or cool depending on your preference. Enjoy low-energy comfort all year long with American Standard heat pumps

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American Standard Ductless

Also known as Split Systems, ductless units focus on providing individualized temperature control with room-by-room temperature control. This is the perfect heating and cooling solution for homes without ducting such as older homes, apartments, or additions. They can also be used outdoors or in detached garages for energy-efficient and cost-efficient heating and cooling.

American Standard split systems offer quiet and flexible heating and cooling. The compact units can fit almost anywhere even in small spaces for one of the most versatile heating and cooling options on the market. 

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American Standard Thermostat

Get custom control over your new heating and cooling system with American Standard thermostats. With smart thermostats and traditional thermostats, there’s something for every budget and every home. American Standard has award-winning thermostats designed to give you complete control over your home’s comfort. Connect to Wi-Fi for even more control over your thermostat. Some units even come with built-in control over filters, humidifiers, and maintenance reminders. Control your thermostat from anywhere with remote temperature control too. 

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