Propane Furnace

Heating your home with a propane furnace can have significant benefits for residential homes. It has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional gasoline and produces fewer emissions than natural. That makes propane one of the most efficient and affordable gases for small and large home forced air heating. Gas is a time-tested technology that promises a warm and comfortable home. 

Additionally, propane won’t spill or cause leaks like some other gases, which can be a much-needed safety feature for some residential and commercial properties. Also, propane won’t catch fire easily either making this non-toxic gas much safer than some other forms of gas heating. 

When heating with propane, your home can get warmer, faster, by heating your home in shorter intervals without skyrocketing your heating bills. A propane gas heating unit in your home could be a budget-friendly solution for heating your home during even the coldest winter. 

Regular Furnace Maintenance

While propane heating is affordable, that doesn’t mean it is self-maintaining. A gas furnace requires regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently and to keep your home safe. Without regular service and immediate repairs, your unit will degrade over time and become less efficient.  Have your propane gas heater serviced annually to ensure it is running efficiently to save you money. 

Gas Furnace Repair

Heating ServiceHas your furnace been making a weird noise? Leaking? Or failing to properly heat your home? Don’t delay. Call a professional repairman for fast repairs sooner rather than later. 

What are the most common furnace problems that need repair? 

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Dirty filters
  • Wear and tear
  • Electric ignition or pilot control problems
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Home not heating properly
  • Frequent cycling of heat
  • Blower continuously running
  • Unusually noisy
  • Leaking fluids

Maintenance Tip: Ensure to change your air filters frequently and replace the batteries in the thermostat regularly to avoid expensive repairs. However, the most important tip is to schedule regular maintenance for your heater. 

Contact a Heating Professional

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