Split Systems

What is a Split System?

A split system is a heating and cooling system that focuses on providing individualized temperature control. As compared with a traditional heat pump or furnace that relies on a single thermostat in the home, a split system frequently offers with room-by-room control over temperature.

The split system derives its name from the two components that provide the heating and air for your space. The first is an indoor unit that actually blows the air which keeps your home hot or cool. The second component is an outdoor condenser that pulls the air in and compresses it and prepares it for the indoor unit. The two components are connected by a single 3-inch hole in the wall, which allows the drain line, power, and communication cables to connect the two units. 

The split systems are often referred to as ductless units because they don’t rely on traditional ducts that run through the walls or ceilings to provide air the home. This space-saving factor is perfect for smaller homes or older homes without a ducted system installed. 

how does a mini split work from Fujitsu General

Why Choose a Split System?

There are a variety of reasons why a homeowner (or renter) would choose a ductless heating system for their home. Older homes, apartments, rented homes, pre-fabricated homes, and a variety of other home styles simply don’t support a full ducted heat system. The easiest and most efficient way to heat these types of homes might be to install a ductless or split system. Moreover, a split system offers a variety of other advantages including: 

  • Flexible solutions
  • Cost-efficient
  • Better air quality
  • Easy installation
  • Lower carbon footprint

Energy-efficient ductless units fit in any home or business to provide quiet, powerful, and flexible heating and cooling. Choose individualized comfort when you choose ductless and split system heating for your space. These powerful units don’t compromise on your comfort. Choose a wall mounted, floor mounted, cassette, or ceiling mounted unit for your space.

How Coastal Services Can Help

If you are considering ductless heating or split systems, contact the experts at Coastal Services for more information. Our professional technicians can help with determining if a split system is right for your home, installing the ductless system, and even repairing and maintaining existing split systems. No project is too small or too large. Call today or contact us online for help with your ductless heating and cooling unit.  

Single-Room Mini-Split Systems start at $4,250 for a wall mounted unit. Unit comes complete with electrical. Upgrades for ceiling mounted units or multi-zone control on request. 

Single-Room Mini-Split Systems

Fujitsu Split System

Fujitsu and Mitsubishi systems come with the flexibility to install them in a single room or in multiple rooms. All single-room solutions are energy efficient with environmentally friendly refrigerant to make your home more eco-friendly. These indoor units are also among the quietest on the market. 

Get customizable control no matter where you are with Wi-Fi control, wireless remotes and programmable features. Their World Class Performance will impress you from day one as you immediately notice a more comfortable home. Many units also come with cleaner air settings for an allergen-free home. 

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Multi-Room Solutions

Fujitsu Multi-Room Solutions

When you need to control your whole home, you should consider a multi-room solution. Choose from a variety of Energy Star qualified multi-zone units to keep your home comfortable no matter what your needs are. Choose from wall mounted units, cassette units, floor mounts, and slim ducts. Multi-room zones are reliable for years to come for maximum comfort in your home. 

Control each room separately with multi-zone ductless solutions. Keep the bedrooms warm while lowering the heat in empty rooms downstairs to save money during the long cold winter. Ask about programmable features and wireless control from wherever you are. 

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