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Zoned Comfort

Mitsubishi Ductless

Mitsubishi specializes in Zoned Comfort Solutions, which provide you with complete control over the comfort of individual rooms in your home. With up to 8 zones, you can customize the spaces in your home for personalized comfort. Never again will you complain about a room being too hot or too cold. Customize the comfort of each room with Mitsubishi. 

Get year-round comfort up to 40% more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems. Find the right system for you online today. Choose how versatile you want your home comfort system to be for the right heating and cooling just for you perfect for both renovated homes and new constructions. 

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Indoor/Outdoor Heating & Cooling

Mitsubishi Outdoor Multi-zone hvac

Whether you’re looking to keep your garage a little warmer in the winter, or you want to keep your patio cool in the summer, choose between indoor and outdoor solutions for your home. With multi-zone control, you can customize the comfort of even your outdoor spaces all season long.

Don’t forget to ask about smart control of your heating and cooling systems with Mitsubishi for even more control of your home’s comfort. 

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Smart Control of Your Home

Mistubishi Smartphone App

Get customizable control of your home’s comfort right in your pocket. With a number of features and easy setup, Mitsubishi’s smartphone app allows you to change the temperature in any zone with only the touch of a button.

Control your entire heating and cooling system straight from your phone or tablet. You can even troubleshoot your system and check if it’s time to change your filters. 

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