Water Softener

Why Install a Water Softener

A water softener acts to remove excess minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron from the water. These excess minerals can be harmful to appliances and pipes in your home. Hard water can cause clogged drains, crusty faucets, dry skin, poor tasting water, dirty looking dishes, and more. 

Water softeners, sometimes called water conditioners, protect your home from hard water build-up. The minerals in hard water can accumulate in your water heater, pipes, and other appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, and even showers. The minerals build-up in “scales” that can lessen the flow of water through your home and cause clogs in your plumbing system. 

Scale, which is a poor heat conductor, can affect your water heater too by preventing your water from getting warm enough. This poses a problem for bathing, especially in the winter. The scale also reduces the ability of soap to lather in the laundry or shower. In fact, scale can react with certain soaps to form a sticky scum that leaves your skin feeling dirty all day. 

Extends the Life of Appliances

Mineral build-up, also called scale, can take a huge toll on appliances like dishwashers, sinks, and showers. Appliances with mineral build-up can become clogged or damaged. Eventually, they will need repairs or replacement. Untimely repairs or replacement of appliances can be a huge financial burden. Installing a water softener can offset that financial burden by extending the life of your appliances. 

Makes Cleaning Easier

Calcium and lime in hard water can leave marks on bathtubs, sinks, and showers. Soap scum from hard water can also adhere to fixtures like faucets, shower heads, and toilets too. They also leave unpleasant spots on clothes and dishes. Avoid extra cleaning tasks by eliminating hard water from your home. 

Soft Water Heats Faster

Scale deposits can impact the heat conducting properties of your water heater. By installing a water softener, water will heat faster for easier bathing, cooking, and cleaning. According to Virginia Cooperative Extension, water softeners help improve the efficiency of the gas-powered heater by 29 percent and electric water heaters by 22 percent. This can definitely help lower your monthly utility bills.

Keeps Your Plumbing Cleaner

Hard water can hit the pipes the hardest as mineral deposits can accumulate in walls and can restrict the flow of your plumbing system. Mineral deposits can also cause corrosion in pipes. If you continue using hard water at home, you will eventually have to deal with plumbing repairs such as clogged drains, pipe repair or problems with your shower. Plumbing and toilet problems may arise in less than two years’ time. Use a water softener to keep minerals from damaging or clogging your plumbing for longer lasting appliances and fixtures. 

Get a Water Softener Quote

If a water softener is right for your home, or if you think you might have problems with hard water, call Coastal Services right away. Our experienced plumbers will provide a quote on installing a new water softener in your home and repairing any damage left by hard water. Call or contact us online today to learn more. 

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