Power Washing


Power washing removes deep dirt and grime that can leave your home or condo looking dingy. Restore your home to its original glory with power washing services from Coastal Services.

We use hot and cold water paired with gentle cleaners to blast away dirt from your siding, brick, or paneling. Your home will look brighter and more beautiful than the day you moved in.


After a long summer or a rough winter, your deck can be left looking tired. Resealing or repainting your deck can help, but you have to remove the old paint first. Get professional power washing service to easily remove layers of paint or stain from your wood deck.

Plastic or PVC decks don’t need painting, but they do get dirty. Have the prettiest deck in your neighborhood with Coastal Services’ professional power washing. Call today for a quote for your home or business.


Your sidewalk accumulates an unbelievable amount of dirt. It can darken your sidewalk by several shades making your home or business look dirty and old. Restore your sidewalk to look like new. You’ll be amazed by how white your sidewalk can be again.


Did you know you can power wash your roof? You can! Homes with tile or wood shingles or businesses with flat roofs should especially consider professionally power washing their roof. The process can remove built-up dirt stains to restore your roof. Regularly power washing your roof can also help extend the life of your roof and shingles.


Freshly mown grass, dirt, mud, and countless other things can clog or dirty your equipment. Everything from a simple residential lawn mower to powerful backhoes should be regularly power washed to remove grime and keep the equipment running smoothly. If left untreated, your equipment can become too dirty or clogged to operate properly. Keep your equipment bright and shiny to protect it and keep it running for years to come.

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