Well Pump

What is a Well Pump?

submersible well pump

A water well pump is typically a type of submersible pump used to extract water from deep below the ground surface and send the water into your home. The new pump replaced the old bucket and pulley system that was used for hundreds of years prior. 

There are several different types of water pumps including:

  • manually operated hand pumps,
  • jet-driven “injector” pumps,
  • mechanical pumps,
  • solar-powered pumps,
  • even air-driven pumps used by the Amish. 

Jet pumps or “injector” pumps are commonly found in a traditional US home and can be used in both shallow and deep wells. The jet pump is installed at ground level and works with a second, smaller pump, to bring water to ground-level and pump it into your home.

The other most common pump type is the submersible pump, which is placed in the well and submerged in the water. It can also be used in both shallow and deep wells. Submersible pumps are more efficient as they push water to the surface compared to a jet pump that pulls water to the surface. 

How to Spot Well Pump Damage

You should complete a visual inspection of you well pump to keep an eye out for damage. Examine the area above the ground surface over the well for anything out of the ordinary such as disconnected wiring, missing caps or seals, or protruding pipes. If you notice any signs of a tampered or damaged cap, you should call a professional to service and test your well and well water. 

Additionally, you should have your water tested annually for any changes in the bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and contaminants in the water. However, it is also necessary to have your well maintained by a professional every few years. 

Signs that your pump may be damaged: 

  • Damage to the cap
  • Protruding pipes
  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Change is water taste
  • Leaking water from the pipe
  • Loud humming noises coming from the pump

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